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Is your property a listed building?

If your property is listed, then RJM Heritage has the necessary experience in historic buildings dating from Medieval to Victorian. Our approach to refurbishment, or the construction of a new extension, is different to a standard builder as we only work on buildings constructed solely with lime mortar. We frequently work with conservationists and architects to ensure that our build goes to plan, and that traditional materials are used in the correct manner. We have worked on many listed buildings, and those which are historic but not necessarily listed. The same methods are employed, especially the use of lime to allow the walls to breathe and repel moisture. The owner of any such property should steer clear of the 'general builder', who in all likelihood has no knowledge with regard of the methods and materials used at first construction. This most often, if not always, results in the use of modern materials such as gypsum plaster, Portland cement and various other impervious coverings. Although the finish may look good on completion, these materials will trap moisture and create damp problems, leading to deterioration and decay. We have seen at first hand that when water is trapped in brickwork by paint or cement render, it will freeze in a hard winter and may shatter bricks through expansion, causing a weakening of the whole construction.

RJM Heritage Ltd Timber Frame Lime Render

Restoring and preserving English Heritage with the Traditional materials is what RJM is deeply passionate about.

Georgian Lime Render

Working on all periods of Historic buildings in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

RJM Heritage Ltd stone house restoration

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