Traditional Lime Rendering in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Lime rendering has been used for hundreds of years on external walls to protect from the elements. Over the centuries it is proven to offer a much greater level of protection to an historic building than cement renders could ever achieve, as it will allow the building to breathe through the walls. Lime render is also flexible, allowing for natural movement through seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. We always recommend lime render on properties dating from Medieval through to Victorian times, as all these buildings were constructed using lime mortar. The use of cement renders and non-breathable paints from the 1940s onwards has resulted in a large percentage of these lime constructed buildings experiencing damp problems and, in many cases decay owing to moisture being trapped in the walls. This situation will continue until the cement render and/or impervious paint is removed.

RJM Heritage Ltd Lime Render

Why would you use RJM Heritage Ltd?

At RJM Heritage Ltd we offer a wide range of lime render finishes, and are proud of our vast knowledge and experience when undertaking recovery work on distressed buildings, by using lime render and mortars to great effect. As is the case with all projects on which we are engaged, we correct the damp problem for good, and restore the building to its original character by skilled use of traditional materials.

RJM Heritage Ltd Church Lime Render

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