Extensions for Historic Buildings

Traditional methods and materials will create the perfect job


Using Traditional skills and materials 

RJM Heritage has wide experience with regard to extending or refurbishing older properties. We take great pride in the knowledge and skills we have built up over many years, that are utilised on every project we undertake. We understand that matching brickwork, stonework or render to the exact architectural detail is of the highest importance, and can only be achieved through the application of traditional skills, methods and materials.

Matching any architectural Design  

We have extensive knowledge of the way in which older properties were constructed, and the manner in which they work owing to the use of hydraulic lime, which from the time of construction continues to work ceaselessly to protect the building from damp. By selecting RJM for your new extension you will be in the hands of experts in this field. Whilst modern day building regulations do not permit the construction of extensions with no cavity or damp proof course, the benefit of using RJM means that we can ensure the new construction is sympathetic to the old, and that it meets existing regulations. We can match the lime mortar in the original construction and, subject to availability, obtain reclaimed bricks to closely match those used in the main build. Should no suitable reclaimed brick be available, we can request a close match to be produced by one of our brick manufacture partners. We offer a complete service in the erection of your extension, from digging footings through the skeleton build, and on to final fixing with full electrical and plumbing works included. For more information, or to obtain a quotation for your proposed extension, please call us, or alternatively contact us via our website.

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