Damp Problems & Solutions in older buildings

Damp in Historic Buildings is largely caused by the application of modern, unsuitable materials such as cement render or pointing, gypsum based plasters, non-breathable paints and coatings. Damp can also be exacerbated by external ground level too high, poorly maintained guttering and chimneys, and intrusive vegetation are all reasons you can find damp problems in historic buildings.

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The renovation and repair of your historic property is nothing to be frightened of. The main thing to remember is that it would have been built as solid walls, with no cavity or damp proof course. The older the building the more basic the construction is likely to be. So, for example, if your house has stone or brick floors these would have been breathable  to let moisture pass through unhindered and allow the floor to dry quickly.

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Lime is the best way to solve 'rising' damp

We have over the years been asked to consult on damp problems on many occasions, and can advise conclusively that the ultimate damp destroyer is lime plaster and/or external lime render. If your home shows signs of damp patches, mould, rot, is cold and damp, and the room(s) have the sour smell associated with damp, we can help.

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Heritage Damp Proofing Solutions in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Whilst not wishing to denigrate the wide array of products which promise a solution to damp problems, we nevertheless, again and again, find ourselves removing cement renders, waterproof paints and coatings, and various other ingenious but ineffective attempts to address damp problems. On almost every cement render we remove, we find rows of holes showing that an attempt has been made to install a 'damp course'.

The removal of these coatings is the first step towards warmth and comfort, as this will allow the building to start to dry, and breathe. Once dried, the application of lime plaster or lime render continues to allow this breathing, whilst at the same time the lime will expel any extraneous moisture into the atmosphere, ensuring that the affected rooms remain dry and warm, and the sour damp smell is no more.

Having removed the aforementioned coatings untold times and, in a number of cases replaced rotten timber arising from the application of the said coatings, we are able to vouch categorically for the success achieved by using lime plaster and render.

Call RJM Heritage today on 01932 379 062 to see how we can rid your property of damp simply and effectively.

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