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RJM Heritage Limited offers the full range of building services for older properties in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. We specialise in using traditional lime mortars to maintain and improve historic buildings. We use lime mortars extensively, in sympathy with the original construction, ensuring that any building we work on has been restored using the correct methods, materials and experience to ensure that historic buildings are maintained to the requisite standard. If you are refurbishing, or planning to have an extension on an older building, then RJM have a vast knowledge of the way to create the perfect addition to your property. We can match all architectural features including stone, brick, plaster and render so that the extension or refurbishment maintains the character and charm of the original building.

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Why use lime?

Lime mortar was the only material available to builders up to the turn of the 20th century. All bricks were laid with lime mortar, and all plasters and renders were made using lime. Buildings at this time were erected with no damp proof course, and no cavity, relying on the properties of lime and the porosity of the brick, stone or timber to keep the building dry by being allowed to dry out. The reason this happens is that lime has the unique capability to absorb moisture, and subsequently expel it to atmosphere.

The use of cement and gypsum based mortars and plasters has resulted in many buildings suffering from damp incursion, causing in many cases severe deterioration to the fabric of the building, owing to moisture being trapped in the walls.

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Maintaining historic buildings in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

We are able to offer expert advice and craftsmanship, borne out by the many tributes paid to us by satisfied clients. We are intensely proud of our work, and this pride is reflected in the standard of work we produce on the buildings we work on.

If you would like to contact us please call us, for free on 01932 379 062, or send an email through our contact us page. We will arrange to visit, and will issue a free of charge, no obligation quotation.

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